Explore Herman Miller’s ‘Portfolio Of Great Furniture’

Explore Herman Miller’s ‘Portfolio Of Great Furniture’
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The new 'Collection' site showcases the timeless aesthetic of the furniture company.

Allie Walker
  • 12 november 2012

The newly launched Herman Miller Collection offers ‘a comprehensive portfolio [that] offers a breadth and depth of products to furnish complete environments in a myriad of settings, both residential and contract, elegant and casual, across a range of prices.’ Whether they were designed in 1946 or 2012, the pieces from Herman Miller designers are at once timeless and modern, a testament to former Director of Design George Nelson’s vision for ‘a permanent collection designed to meet fully the requirements for modern living.’

Although Nelson’s quote dates back to 1952, his visionary approach to designing furniture guides the collection; the pieces are as beautiful as they are functional, and spaces are designed for multi-purpose use. The collection is broken into four categories- Living and Lounge, Dining and Meeting, Working and Storage, and Outdoor, enabling visitors to find products to furnish their living space or office.

Below, find a few of our favorite scenes from each category in the collection:

Living and Lounge

The Living and Lounge collection imagines a dual-purpose living/work space, which Nelson envisioned as early in 1952: ‘a daytime living room where work can be done under less tension with fewer distractions,” is deftly addressed with Living and Lounge offerings.’

Dining and Meeting

The pieces in the Dining and Meeting collection recognize the multiple functionalities of a table; sometimes used for eating and gathering, and other times used for work and meetings. The tables in the collection defy classification as ‘kitchen’ or ‘office’ tables, at once comfortable in either location.

Working and Storage

In this picture, a desk designed by George Nelson in 1958, and a chair designed in 2012 by Konstantin Grcic. Although the pieces are separated by over 50 years of design history, they blend seamlessly together, as do the other pieces in the collection.


In the Outdoor collection, Herman Miller makes us think beyond plastic patio chairs and encourages us to give the same design consideration to outdoor spaces as we do indoor spaces.

To peruse the full Herman Miller Collection, visit the site here.

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