Indoor Lamp Generates Clouds To Simulate The Weather Outside [Video]

Indoor Lamp Generates Clouds To Simulate The Weather Outside [Video]

Lighting fixture combines chemistry and wireless technology to literally show forecasts.

Yi Chen
  • 26 november 2012

Online furniture store Micasa has created an intriguing lighting fixture that shows what the weather is like outside. Instead of LCD screens that only display weather icons, the Nebula 12 presents the day’s forecast with beautiful faux clouds.

The item is developed using liquid nitrogen, LEDs, WiFi, and high-power vacuum station. It uses meteorological data from MetOff to recreate what it’s like outside. For example, a bright yellow light will be turned on during a very sunny day, whereas ‘clouds’ will be produced for an overcast morning.

Matthias Wunderlin, manager of Micasa, explains the concept as:

With Nebula 12, Micasa wants to expand the definition of what a lamp is. It is important for us that we not only challenge ourselves, but also our customers. And Nebula 12 is something completely new which should stimulate people to think beyond the boundaries of conventional lighting systems.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of how the Nebula 12 works:


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