Create A Custom Soundtrack To Go With Favorite Instagram Snaps

Create A Custom Soundtrack To Go With Favorite Instagram Snaps

Whiskey brand, Ballantine's social media project 'Loud Blue' adds a unique piece of music to your photo depending on the image.

Emma Hutchings
  • 16 november 2012

Whisky brand Ballantine’s ‘Loud Blue‘ project adds music to your Instagram photos. Simply take a picture with Instagram, tag it with #loudblue, share it on Twitter, and you’ll get a link to the unique soundtrack that represents your image. The system uses an algorithm to analyze data from the photos to trigger different musical genres and sounds. The overall color of the photo influences the tempo. For example, photos that are more red create slower music, while photos that are more yellow create faster music.

A photo’s brightness controls the arrangement of the music, so pictures that are brighter on the left will have more sounds at the start, and brightness across the photo influences the complexity of the music. The absence of faces will create purely instrumental music, a photo with multiple faces creates music with vocal harmonies, and an image with three or more faces creates a choir of vocals.

Ballantine Puts A Soundtrack To Your Instagram Shots With #LoudBlue

Creativity reports that Loud Blue is launching this month in Brazil in partnership with local DJ duo Felguk, and there are plans to roll out elsewhere over the next two years. Felguk will produce a song sampling users’ Loud Blue photo-track creations inspired by the photographic theme “My Brazil”.

Loud Blue

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