Create A Slideshow Of Favorite Instagrams With This Matchbox-Sized Projector

Create A Slideshow Of Favorite Instagrams With This Matchbox-Sized Projector
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The tiny device makes digital photo sharing a communal experience in the physical world.

Allie Walker
  • 14 november 2012

The Projecteo is a tiny slide projector that combines the best of two disparate photography worlds; 35mm film and Instagram. Digital meets analog as Projecteo converts online Instagram shots into frames on Kodak 35mm film stock. Because Projecteo is so tiny, nine photos can fit onto a single frame. To create a reel, users select their favorite Instagram shots on the Projecteo site or app, which the team then ‘melts’ onto frames in a similar method movie studios use to convert digital films to 35mm film to project in theaters. The frames are then cut into circles, fitted onto wheels, and mailed to the user- who just has to place the wheel into the tiny projector to start their slideshow.

Although Projecteo is only the size of a matchbox, it can project images up to two and a half feet wide, making digital photo sharing communal again in the physical world. Could this tiny device bring back the pastime of making homemade ‘movies’ to share family vacations and special occasions, a hobby that has, since the 1970s, been declining in popularity at roughly the same rate as the Kodak brand?

It was perhaps this nostalgia that prompted Ben Redford of Mint Digital to create Projecteo:

The spark for Projecteo came when I found a Rollei P35 projector in a London market. When I took it home, I was enthralled by the warmth of the images it projected. There’s no digital image that can match it. When I took it apart, I saw that the mechanics could be miniaturised. I thought that using Instagram images would bring this magical warmth to how we take photos now.

Projecteo is currently raising funds on Kickstarter; after launching earlier this morning, the tiny projector has already raised over 1/3 of its goal.

Watch a video introduction for Projecteo below:


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