'As Real As It Gets' is an exhibition at NY gallery apexart that explores what is real and what isn't as well as consumer expectations of retailers.

Rob Walker, a writer and expert commentator on material culture, has organized an exhibition at the New York gallery apexart that explores “fictional products, imaginary brands, hypothetical advertising and speculative objects.” ‘As Real As It Gets' features work by Kelli Anderson,  Matt Brown, Last Exit To Nowhere, Oliver Munday, Omni Consumer Products, Staple Design,  Shawn Wolfe, and Dana Wyse, amongst others.

Some of the pieces look like real products but are made-up, like the soap from the movie Fight Club and a pill that guarantees the “heterosexuality of your child.” Others are real products that advertise fictional companies, like the t-shirts from Last Exit to Nowhere. ‘As Real As It Gets' is running from November 16th-December 22nd and you can click through to see more images of the exhibition:

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