UK startup Captive Media has devised a washroom system that is controlled by the user aiming their stream left and right.

UK startup Captive Media‘s washroom gaming system features a hi-definition screen, fitted at eye level above the urinal, with hands-free control. When not in use it plays a mixture of ads and content, and when a user approaches it switches to gaming mode. The urine-controlled games use patented technology to detect the direction of the stream, so for example in a snowboarding game this would enable you to turn left and right.

The startup believes that the average 55 seconds a man stands in front of a urinal is a wasted advertising opportunity and this technology, which can be retrofitted to most urinals, is their solution. TechCrunch reports that Captive Media's system will be rolled out across major venues and a number of brands are on board including DrinkAware, Macmillan Cancer, Heineken, Tiger, Corona, and Pepsi. You can find out more about the system in the video below:

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