iPhone-Controlled Tiny Gas Balloon

iPhone-Controlled Tiny Gas Balloon

The Zipper is a design concept that uses hydrogen-power to offer a new surveillance and recording option.

Plus Aziz
  • 8 november 2012

The Zipper is a concept for a new type of camera; it looks like a tiny zeppelin and moves about a room, capturing footage, powered by hydrogen. The user can also control tiny electric motors through an iPhone app. This means that one can effectively program paths and routines for the device to process.

As a recording device, the Zipper is enriched by its ability to:

be used in the production of films, in surveillance (for the flexible monitoring of public locations), for security inspections (especially in hard to reach places such as cable chutes and sewers), for baby monitoring, in webcam-based communication, and as a toy. Further recording options (such as sound, heat, and radio activity) are possible with the use of the appropriate sensors.

The design concept is developed by Arman Emami at EMAMI Design.

EMAMI Design

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