‘Pinched’ iPads & iPhones Create Giant Screen

‘Pinched’ iPads & iPhones Create Giant Screen

Japanese research team maximizes the iOS interface to project a large singular image from multiple interconnected devices.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 5 november 2012

Researchers from the Tokyo University of Technology have created a way of projecting large images onto a family of interconnected iOS devices juxtaposed to one another instead of resorting to a large video wall that may eat up too much space in a typical Japanese home. Using the “Pinch” interface, the researchers joined the iOS devices to project a single display via WiFi connectivity. Takashi Ohta, associate professor at the Tokyo University of Technology, explains the technology:

This Pinch interface we’ve developed is used to create applications that make devices react when they’ve both been pinched, so they work together. In the case of a graphics application, when the devices recognize they’ve been pinched, they can show the whole picture as if it’s on one screen.

Watch the video below to see Pinch in action:

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