Magazine Cover Changes Color With Touch

Magazine Cover Changes Color With Touch

Age UK has created a special cover for Telegraph to raise awareness for the 'Spread The Warmth' Campaign.

Andrew Vaterlaus-Staby
  • 16 november 2012

This year Age UK is hoping to spread the message about its Spread the Warmth campaign, which seeks to help elderly people stay safe and healthy during the cold winter months, to as many people as possible. To kick start the campaign they have collaborated with The Telegraph Magazine to create an innovative front cover. The image consists of a photo of Age UK’s celebrity ambassador Lynda Bellingham in a dull and grey living room. It will be printed in thermal ink so that when readers put a finger on one of the grey items in the picture, it will turn orange, demonstrating how older people can be made warmer through reader donations.

Marianne Hewitt, head of brand marketing at Age UK said of the project:

Reinforcing who we are and what we do is crucial for our brand and, in turn, for our life-changing charitable work. It is important to keep reminding supporters why we need their help and this is an innovative and visual new take on that.

The cover will be featured on the Saturday November’s 17th issue. Read more about Age UK’s Spread the Warmth Campaign online and about how you can contribute.

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