MIT Student Controls “Call Me Maybe” Song With His Heartbeat [Video]

MIT Student Controls “Call Me Maybe” Song With His Heartbeat [Video]

As part of Music Hack Day, Ryan Challinor syncs his heart rate to the catchy hit.

Yi Chen
  • 21 november 2012

As part of MIT’s Music Hack Day, student Ryan Challinor created a device that allowed him to control the tempo of songs with his heart rate. The technology involved hooking himself up to a heart rate monitor, which also connects to a wireless GPS watch. Challinor gave a demonstration to Carly Rae Jepson’s popular song “Call Me Maybe.”

Challinor “took his heart rate, divided it by the original tempo of the song and used that number to control the rate of song speed.” In the video, we see Challinor doing jumping jacks to increase his heart rate. As his heartbeat became faster, the song also sped up. Watch the video below for a demonstration:

Ryan Challinor

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