Multifunctional Table Designed For Students To Work & Nap [Pics]

Multifunctional Table Designed For Students To Work & Nap [Pics]
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The Zevaka makes sleeping at your desk much more comfortable and convenient.

Yi Chen
  • 1 november 2012

Saint Petersburg-based designer Yaroslav Misonzhnikov has come up with the “Zevaka” table that is especially created with university students in mind. The multifunctional wooden desk has a side hanger for bags, holder for wires and cables, and a carved cupholder. Furthermore, there’s even a “condom box” for discreet storage, and ceramic tiles underneath the table to stick gum on.

What’s really impressive about the Zevaka is that the table top can be lifted to reveal a latex hammock that provides the perfect softness for a good nap at your desk. The simple yet creative and practical design was part of the 2012 Saloni Satelite Worldwide Moscow.

Browse through the image below to see more of the table.

Yaroslav Misonzhnikov


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