Museum Hangs Off The Side Of A Cliff

Museum Hangs Off The Side Of A Cliff
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At the Wine Museum, visitors are greeted by stunning views of the Alps, Lake Geneva, and wineries while standing on a structure hangs precariously on a mountain.

Alice Chan
  • 14 november 2012

In the mountains of Switzerland, Swiss architect Mauro Turin celebrates the history of the historical wine-making region by building a museum that is supported by only one side of the mountain. The entire structure will be harnessed on one end with no further external bracing.

The Lavaux region in Switzerland is famous for its vineyard terraces, which dates back to the eleventh century. Turin’s project was first developed as an imaginary architectural submission for a Swiss design magazine. Now, the breath-taking design is actually being conceptualized and put into development. Located on the western border of Switzerland, the Wine Museum will give visitors a view of the beautiful wine terraces as well as “an unforgettable experience of Lavaux, Lake Geneva and the Alps.” The museum would be a part of the World Heritage Site and encourage tourists to visit the historic location. See more images of the Wine Museum below.



Mauro Turin Architecte


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