Netflix For Fashion Lets Women Borrow Everyday Clothing & Accessories

Netflix For Fashion Lets Women Borrow Everyday Clothing & Accessories

New subscription service, 'Le Tote,' lets people rent various wardrobe items for $49 a month.

Yi Chen
  • 8 november 2012

Le Tote is a fashion rental-subscription company based in San Francisco that is similar to services like Netflix and Airbnb. To join the network, members pay a monthly subscription fee of $49 to receive a tote bag including three pieces of clothing, and two different accessories.

The fashion items can be worn, and exchanged for new ones as long as the user has an active subscription. Le Tote is targeted at young, female shoppers who are constantly seeking ways to refresh and update their wardrobes. Unlike the popular fashion rental service Rent the Runway, Le Tote aims to provide everyday type of clothing rather than high-fashion pieces. Although the company does state that all items are “designer quality” and carefully selected.

The site is still in beta release and over the past three months since launching, has already grown to 10,000 members and has an increasing subscriber base. Le Tote also aims to add an option to allow users to purchase the item if they really love it and don’t want to give it away.

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