Critical Mob: 4 New Ideas In Music

Critical Mob: 4 New Ideas In Music
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Brian Eno prepares to release his new solo album 'Lux', read a review of Melody Gardot's 'The Absence', an interview with 'Schwervon!' and more.

Critical Mob
  • 12 november 2012

Critical Mob, a discovery site that curates, selects, and reviews the best in culture, discusses this week’s top musical picks; Brian Eno is releasing his new solo album Lux, read a review of Melody Gardot’s The Absence, an interview with Schwervon!, and xx releases an app along with their new album Coexist.

Brian Eno Lux

It’s been seven years since Brian Eno has surfaced to create a solo project – Lux will be released on November 13th.

Melody Gardot The Absence

In 2009 the aspiring fashion designer turned to jazz and is now releasing her second album.

Critical Questions Schwervon

An interview with the off-beat Kansas city indie rocker band Schwervon!

xx’s Coexist app

xx has released a new interactive app to go alongside their album Coexist.

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