Critical Mob: 4 New Ideas In Music

Critical Mob: 4 New Ideas In Music
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Scott Walkers new Epizootics! video, My Bloody Valentine's Japanese tribute album, read a review of 'Awe Naturale' and more.

Critical Mob
  • 20 november 2012

Critical Mob, a discovery site that curates, selects, and reviews the best in culture, discusses this week’s top musical picks; Scott Walker releases his new Epizootics! video, My Bloody Valentine is anticipating the release of a Japanese tribute album,  read a review of Catherine Harris-White and Stasia Irons’ new album Awe Naturale, and why Jimi Hendrix will never truly die.

 Scott Walker Epizootics

Legendary avant-crooner Scott Walker has released the first music video from his forthcoming album Bish Bosch, the ten-minute apocalyptic tome, Epizootics!

Yellow Loveless – Japan

My Bloody Valentine have finally reached the illustrious Japanese Tribute Album phase of their career, with the release of Yellow Loveless, scheduled for January 23rd by the Japanese label High Fader Records.

Catherine Harris-White And Stasia Irons Awe Naturale

the duo make their above-ground debut with the head-spinning psychedelic soul of Awe Naturale.

As Long As T-Shirts Can Be Made, Jimi Hendrix Can Never Die

Nothing says greatest eletric guartist of all time like menswear. And thanks to consumerism, legends never die.

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