Human Body In Motion Re-Imagines Nude Photography

Human Body In Motion Re-Imagines Nude Photography
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Japanese artist, Shinichi Maruyama used long exposure photography to create this captivating abstract photo series.

Kyana Gordon
  • 28 november 2012

Revered for his stunning liquid photography, New York based photographer Shinichi Maruyama has shifted his lens from fluids to a new subject: the human body. In his new Nude series, the notion of the traditional nude image is re-imagined, capturing instead the ethereal appearance of the human body in motion. That is to say that these photographs are not so much about the naked body, but about its capacity to glide elegantly through time and space.

Created by combining countless individual shots of the dancer, Maruyama’s work is poignant as it brings back the secrecy to nude photography without the necessity to expose bits of flesh. The result is a multilayered visual sculpture immortalizing the beauty of the body through dance, energy, and theatre.

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Shinichi Maruyama

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