Instead of wearing anti-perspirant, these confections release scented oils through your pores after you eat them.

Deo Perfume Candy is a new type of confectionary that not only tastes sweet but also makes you smell sweet. The ‘edible perfume’ contains rose oil, which exudes aromatic compounds like geraniol through your pores, causing your skin to smell of roses.

The Guardian reports that the tangerine-flavored candy was developed by the U.S. company Beneo and the Bulgarian confectioner Alpi. One serving (four pieces of candy) contains around 12mg of geraniol, and is said to be enough for a 145-pound person to smell fragrant for six hours, as it slowly evaporates through the skin. Deo Perfume Candy is available online in the U.S. from Amazon for $7.99 in standard and sugar-free varieties, and it’s expected to be sold in shops soon.

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