This handy device tracks your pup's every move and uploads its exercise regime online.

Pets have become increasingly important as companions and even family members, and therefore, keeping track of their health is top priority. The Wandant dog pedometer, developed by electronics maker Fujitsu, is a specialized pedometer made to keep track of your pet's health. It is the first of its kind in the pet care industry to utilize motion-tracking technology and an associated cloud service that supports health management.

With Wandant, the same tracking technologies developed for use in mobile phones are incorporated into a tag worn on the dog's collar, which automatically measures and records the number of steps taken, shivering motions, and temperature changes. The data is collected in the cloud and presented as a graphic on a website that reports trends in the dog's activities.  Owners can add additional information, such as food volume, stool conditions, and current weight using a diary feature on the website. The new product and service will be made available only in Japan starting November 28th.

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