Building Mirrors Surrounding Environment To Create Pixelated Facade

Building Mirrors Surrounding Environment To Create Pixelated Facade
Design & Architecture

Australia's RMIT University debuts designs for its new academic building that features uneven surfaces that creates an optical illusion.

Alice Chan
  • 7 november 2012

Lyons, an architectural and urban design practice based in Melbourne, Australia, has completed a new project for technology and design university RMIT. The $220 million project at the Swanston Academic Building features a vertical campus that is enclosed in a building using mirrors as the facade. The curved and uneven surfaces of the building creates unique edges and illusions as seen by passerbys. The external panels and triangular elements also provide different degrees of shading, based on the orientation of the building.

The 11-story building is one of the largest teaching and learning facilities in Australia and feature over 80 teaching spaces ranging from conversation rooms for 30 people to lecture spaces for 360. A major teaching and learning focus for the campus, the campus is equipped with a range of innovative student-centered learning spaces and economically-designed rooms that feature bright colors and geometric patterns. And finally, the new building is also committed to sustainability, with reduced energy and water use, and has been accredited with a 5-star green rating.

Check out a video and some more photos of this unique building below.

RMIT University Swanston Academic Building



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