Pies were only made if there was enough excess power left over, creating a clever and delicious campaign to show people that saving energy has tangible benefits.

Creative agency Anew was asked by the Danish heating and energy recycling company, Vestforbraending, to raise awareness among everyday citizens to reduce energy waste. The campaign involved opening a pizzeria that produced a limited number of pizzas. That number was based on factors such as energy consumption, social media, and page views. The more energy saved in the community, and the more shares and views of the campaign, meant more pizzas were served.

The campaign was a large success as it not only boosted perception of Vestforbrænding as an energy conscious company, but also encouraged the whole community to get proactive in saving energy. Simple tips were offered on the website, which people followed, including turning off the heating when a window is opened, or switching off the light when no one is in the room.

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