Popcorn Machine Pops One Perfect Kernel At A Time

Popcorn Machine Pops One Perfect Kernel At A Time
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The 'Oncle Sam' popcorn machine is an elaborate contraption that pops each kernel individually, focusing on the simple yet mesmerizing transformation of corn into popcorn.

Alice Chan
  • 7 november 2012

Students at University of Art and Design Lausanne/ECAL in Switzerland have created an elaborate device that makes popcorn, one kernel at a time. As part of their  ‘low-tech factory’ exhibition, the designers debuted this contraption, dubbed the Oncle Sam popcorn maker, which celebrates the process by which a product is created.

The production of each kernel is emphasized through the usage of a single tea-light candle, which heats  a cup of oil. Each popcorn piece is then seasoned a miniature salt shaker. This idea of slowing down the manufacturing process, which we so often overlook in the midst of our daily grind, is the theme of the new exhibition. Check out the individual popcorn maker in action below.

Oncle Sam Popcorn Machine

ECAL Low-Tech Factory/Oncle Sam from ECAL on Vimeo


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