From an algorithm capable of detecting early childhood autism to a new sensor that lets doctors detect HIV with the naked eye, we bring you the most innovative stories from the world of wellness research.

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Webcam Detects Behaviors That Signal Autism Using computerized motion-tracking researchers in Minnesota have developed a system that can detect behaviors linked to a higher risk of autism in toddlers. The system looks at the body movements of children as young as 2 and tracks their arms, torso, legs and head as they perform ordinary tasks, and the software identifies the behaviors that autistic children exhibit at that age. In trials comparing the system with the opinions of autism experts and child psychiatrists, it outperformed the child psychiatrists by agreeing with the experts more often. The hope is that if autism can be identified earlier in a child’s life, they can be taught social skills before autistic behaviors become ingrained. This system would drastically reduce the time and cost of identifying at-risk children.

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