Red Bull Designs Olympian-Powered Rube Goldberg Machine

Red Bull Designs Olympian-Powered Rube Goldberg Machine

The world's best athletes lend their skills to Red Bull’s ‘Kluge,’ an extreme contraption that took 100 builders 17 days to construct.

Alice Chan
  • 13 november 2012

Beverage brand, Red Bull debuts its latest endeavor in extreme sports – an obstacle-filled Rube Goldberg contraption that features twelve of the world’s greatest athletes. Athletes such as Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones, skater Ryan Sheckler and Scottish trials cyclist Danny MacAskill participated in this 17-day stunt. The entire structure, dubbed the Kluge, is “a witty, yet inelegant solution that succeeds in performing a particular task.”

The grand device was constructed by over 100 builders with 250 tons of materials. The 5-minute run on the machine features a variety of sports, from skateboarding to golfing to even skydiving. On Red Bull’s website, visitors can watch behind-the-scenes footage of the building process and test runs by the famous athletes. Watch the Kluge in action below.

Red Bull Klugevia YouTube

Red Bull Kluge

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