Artist Aims To Replace All Outdoor Billboards With Bamboo Gardens

Artist Aims To Replace All Outdoor Billboards With Bamboo Gardens

What if the world came together to transform ads into urban gardens?

Plus Aziz
  • 2 november 2012

UrbanAir is a project that aims to turn existing billboards into urban gardens, filled with bamboo. Stephen Glassman is the creator and hopes to turn billboards into smart gardens that are wifi enabled and act as sensors to monitor the climate, transforming the suspended gardens into global nodes.

The project has a bigger vision to upcycle the steel and wood of outdoor ads for sustainability projects around the world. UrbanAir will bring together engineers, technologists, gardeners, advertising professionals, and urban planners. According to the artist’s website, UrbanAir garnered its first international recognition when it received the 2011 London International Creativity Award. Interestingly, Summit Media, a billboard company based in LA led by cultural activist Alex Kouba, has volunteered to donate and lend billboards on highly trafficked roads for UrbanAir’s prototype. The project will also develop a kit so billboards all over the world can be transformed.

Support Urban Air on Kickstarter or join their Facebook Page.


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