Autom helps people keep track of their health efforts and gives personalized advice on how to reach targets based on their input.

Autom is a weight loss coach that helps people keep track of their exercise and meal plans. You can interact with the robot via a touchscreen, and it uses text-to-speech to talk to you about your goals, offering personalized advice based on your input. Conceived by Cory Kidd during his PhD work on human-robot interaction at the MIT Media Lab, Autom is the world's first commercially available social robot.

It talks to people about diet and exercise and gives tailored feedback about how to be healthier, having a short conversation with the user every day. The more it learns about them, the more it adapts the conversation and advice, and no two conversations are alike. Gizmag reports that the robot is powered by six servo motors that control the movement of the head, eyes, and eyelids. Inside one of the eyes is a camera, which it uses to identify different members of the family.

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