Scrabble Board Live-Streams Play On The Web

Scrabble Board Live-Streams Play On The Web

The iconic game gets a technological makeover, including an embedded RFID and LED lighting systems, for the Prague Mind Sports Festival.

Alice Chan
  • 16 november 2012

The classic word game is packing a lot of tech goodies in preparation for the Prague Mind Sports Festival, held December 1st – 4th. Mind Sports has created a revolutionary tournament Scrabble system that utilizes custom-built RFID technology in order to read the entire Scrabble board almost instantaneously (974 milliseconds), transmitting the information via unique software to viewers online. Costing in excess of £20,000 to produce and the result of months and months of development and testing, a great deal of work has also gone into the aesthetics of the new Scrabble system. The board’s turntable unit has a carbon fiber finish and integrated LED lighting system.

Dave Brannan, CEO, Mind Sports and Living it Loving it Ltd., explains the technology:

Our goal was to help bring popular Scrabble tournaments to life, whilst reaching a wider audience by capturing tournament play in a technologically advanced and engaging manner. This allows us to broadcast Scrabble in all its glory, interacting with viewers that share a passion for this iconic game and mind sports as a whole across the world.

The tournament play software, created by leading UK developers The Site Doctor, extracts the information collected via the RFID readers and relays it on screen in an easy-to-follow, graphical display alongside the HD video footage of each player. Coupled with the online streaming of the tournament; fans of Scrabble will be able to easily track the action live as it unfolds from the venue – creating a front seat atmosphere from the comfort of their own homes.

Prague Mind Sports Festival

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