Instead of calling people when its time to eat, this concept alerts guests when you start and finish cooking.

The Smart Interaction Lab’s ‘Apron Alert‘ project is a concept design for a smart apron that alerts people when you’ve started cooking and when you’ve finished. It emerged when the team combined their experiments in wireless devices with their thoughts around improving the communal kitchen experience. Wireless XBee radios attached to Lilypad Arduinos were used to create the smart apron.

Its magnetic clasp can sense when the cook has put it on to start the meal, and when they remove it to serve. It sends a signal, which triggers a series of tweets or texts to let people know when a meal is being prepared and when it’s time to come to the table. DVICE reports that the apron’s components are discreetly stitched into its interior, and it operates using one AAA battery. You can watch a short video of the Apron Alert system in action below, as well as a diagram of how it is set up:

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