A motion-detecting feature ensures that the songs will play only as long as the listener is moving to the beat, or at least moving the phone.

To listen to Calvin Harris' new album 18 Months for free, fans can download an app that contains all of the songs in full. But they can only listen to the music as long as they are dancing. A motion-detecting feature ensures that the tunes will play only as long as the listener is dancing, or at least moving their phone. If they stop, the music stops too.

The free app, available for iPhone and Android, offers a whole new way to experience the album. It was developed by the collective We Make Awesome Sh.it, and could also be the perfect partner for a run or gym session. Another feature on the app uses image recognition to enable fans to unlock remixes of the tracks by taking a photo of the album cover. There is also a link to purchase the album if you get tired of dancing or shaking your phone.

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