Melt Giant Blocks Of Ice Around London To Win A Swiss Vacation

Melt Giant Blocks Of Ice Around London To Win A Swiss Vacation

Switzerland Tourism placed cold chunks in different city locations containing 75 cards with unique codes to win various prizes.

Emma Hutchings
  • 16 november 2012

Switzerland Tourism has created a unique campaign to celebrate the country as a winter holiday destination. From the 15th to the 29th of November, five huge blocks of Swiss ice will appear around London, each representing one of the main winter regions; The Alps of Lake Geneva, Graubünden, Valais, Engelberg – Central Switzerland and Bernese Oberland.

Frozen into each block will be an object representing that region, surrounded by 75 Swiss flag cards, each printed with a unique guaranteed prize-winning code. The public are invited to free one of the Swiss flag cards by melting the ice around it. The prizes include chocolate, skiing equipment, flights with Swiss International Air Lines, and a winter holiday to that region.

Switzerland Promotes Tourism By Placing Giant Blocks Of Ice With Prizes Inside Around London

Instructors from the Swiss Ski and Snowboard School will be on hand at each location to answer questions about the winter in Switzerland and hand out information packs. These also include a unique code, which can be entered online for the chance to win one of 1000’s of prizes. Each ice block’s arrival and location will be announced the night before in the Evening Standard and on the My Switzerland website.

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