Digital ‘Second Screen’ Ski Goggles

Digital ‘Second Screen’ Ski Goggles

The Oakley Airwave snow goggles features a heads-up display for info like your location, speed, incoming calls and more.

Emma Hutchings
  • 2 november 2012

Oakley Airwave goggles let you receive calls and texts even when skiing or snowboarding. They integrate GPS, Bluetooth, heads-up display technology, and onboard sensors to give you instant access to information on the mountain.

The revolutionary design lets you view jump analytics like distance, height, and airtime. There are preloaded maps available for many resorts, enabling you to find your own location and your friends. Additional sensor information includes altitude, speed, temperature, and vertical descent data. You can also connect with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to view incoming calls and text messages, or access and control your music playlists.

See All Your Text Messages In Your Goggles While Skiing Down A Mountain

You can do all of this without taking your eyes off your run. The heads-up display is unobtrusive so you have clear and open vision without distractions. When you stop and want to review your performance or get vital info, you move your eye towards the miniature prism lens and it will appear as though youre looking at a 14-inch display from a distance of five feet. You can see the snow goggles being used on the mountain in the video below:

Oakley Airwave

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