PRIMA Cinema is a subscription service that allows members to access films currently showing in wide release.

PRIMA Cinema is a subscription service that enables members to be first in line for the new movie releases in their own private theater. They can watch theatrically-released films in the comfort of their home, something that only a few select entertainment insiders were able to do previously.

Distribution deals are worked out with the movie studios, and PRIMA then encodes their films so they are ready to be downloaded to subscriber's PRIMA Cinema Players. Gizmag reports that these movies are theatrical-quality 1080p-resolution digital copies and can be watched while the title is in wide release. The box comes with a biometric security device to prevent pirating and sharing, with a unique watermark on each downloaded film so it can be traced back to the subscriber if illegally copied. The system is priced at a hefty $35K and then $500 for each movie watched.

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