Vending Machine Heats Up Snacks Before It Serves Them

Vending Machine Heats Up Snacks Before It Serves Them

Have a popsicle or a hot pocket from the same place.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 12 november 2012

While conventional vending machines could only serve items in either cold or room temperature, Eatwave, a new vending machine innovation, is capable of serving and cooking pre-packaged meals, thus eliminating a trip to the nearest microwave oven.

Eatwave is equipped with an internal microwave system that can heat food in a minute or less, while cold food stays cold. This way, you can enjoy a soda, a hotpocket, and a popsicle all from the same vending machine. Eatwell has up to six customizable trays and can accommodate up to 60 selections of food, drinks for a maximum capacity of 1020 individual items.

The all-in-one vending machine is available for about $12,000 USD.



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