Some of the cutting edge high-tech gadgets found in previous 007 movies are now commonplace technology.

Over the past 50 years across 23 films, James Bond has employed any number of high-tech gadgets to complete his missions with a flair for the dramatic and a double-o dose of intrigue. While they might have first stretched the limits of reality when they first appeared on the big screen alongside Ian Fleming’s famous spy, we’ve unearthed three technologies that have now become commonplace.

GPS' Tracking In 1964's Goldfinger and GPS today

In 1964’s Goldfinger, Bond places a homing device in Goldfinger’s Rolls Royce, tracking the villain to Switzerland with a console in his own Aston Martin. This beacon is basically an early version of GPS. Location services like this are now so accurate that they can direct you around large indoor areas like department stores– a far cry from Bond’s map with a blinking light. As accuracy increases we can expect even more data about what’s around us and new ways to connect with our neighbors, as well as methods to keep track of our loved ones.

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