Tracking App Makes Sure Users Never Lose Their Wallet Again

Tracking App Makes Sure Users Never Lose Their Wallet Again

Wallet Trackr is a device and app combo that will prevent you from misplacing your valuables.

Andrew Vaterlaus-Staby
  • 16 november 2012

Losing your wallet can be a damaging experience – credit cards, I.D., money all gone in an instant. The Wallet TrackR and accompanying app aim to prevent this problem through the power of technology. Here’s how it works: Simply place the “TrackR card,” a rectangular Bluetooth device, into your wallet, and if it gets separated from your iPhone or iPad, the app will immediately alert you. In case you don’t hear the alert, the app also photographs your wallet’s location at the time it was lost.


The device also has a feature that helps you find your wallet if you’ve happened to misplace it and are still within earshot. You can push a button in the app to make it emit an audible beep, which should help you find it hidden in the cushions of the couch or wherever you happened to set it down.

For those who also tend to lose their phones, the technology works both ways: Your wallet can also alert you if you’re leaving your phone behind. Its official website looks similar to a Kickstarter page, with the company asking for $250,000 in funding with ’25 days left.’ So far, Wallet TrackR has raised just over $13,500. Wallet TrackR works with the iPad mini, the iPhone 4S and 5, as well as the latest iPad and iPod touch.

Check out this hilarious video from the creators explaining the features:

Wallet Trackr

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