App Lets Users Get Watched By A Cute Girl While They Work

App Lets Users Get Watched By A Cute Girl While They Work

Japanese program 'Watching Cute Girl' can provide you with constant companionship for just 99 cents.

Andrew Vaterlaus-Staby
  • 15 november 2012

Watching Cute Girl is a new iTunes app that features a young lady watching you. She’s supposed to keep you company if you are, for example, working, studying, eating by yourself, or when you are just plain lonely.

The app has 180 pre-recorded expressions, and occasionally she will say things to encourage you. Since the app is synched to the current time, her expressions will vary based on the time of day. For example, in the morning she will say say, ‘Good morning, I came to watch you.’ At night, she will say things like, ‘Good evening. Have you already eaten?’ She also has a host of random expressions, such as, ‘I want to go to a hot springs,’ or ‘Just watching you makes me happy.’

The is an app designed as a gag by Japanese comedian Kendo Kobayashi, and developed by Nigen Incorporated. Kobayashi has released a humorous video explaining the app:

As Kobayashi explains in the video, you might feel that you become closer and closer with the lady in your iPhone, but you should probably not pick her up and try to hug her – she might freak out!

Watching Cute Girl is available on iTunes now for 99¢.

Watching Cute Girl

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