Sun Lamp Sunglasses

Sun Lamp Sunglasses
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Seqinetic offers glasses that bounce soft white light around your eyes, giving you more energy on dark winter days.

Emma Hutchings
  • 21 november 2012

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which affects many people during the winter, is linked to the fact that they don’t see much sunlight during these darker months. Mashable reports that one company is offering an innovative way for people to re-energize at this time of year.

Seqinetic is a team of three mechanical engineers from Denmark whose mission is to lighten the mood of people who suffer from the winter blues. Their ‘sun’ glasses provide bright, white daylight in a portable design. They feature six powerful LEDs and a reflector, which bounces the soft light around your eyes but not directly into them. This light is harmless, 100% UV-free, and helps to improve your mood.

‘Wear’ Daylight With These Sunglasses

Seqinetic glasses are powered by two AAA batteries and you can wear them while reading or using a computer. The company states that if you use them for up to 30 minutes a day, you’ll have much more energy during the long, dark winter months. The glasses are available to purchase online for €59 ($75).


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