Year 2025 Police Vehicle Concepts Created By Auto Design Studios

Year 2025 Police Vehicle Concepts Created By Auto Design Studios

Getting pulled over for speeding won't change, it might be by a driver-less car though.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 21 november 2012

The ninth annual LA Design Challenge unveiled work from six automotive studios creating entries based on the theme of “Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025.” Designers were asked to develop ideas for a highway patrol vehicle that meets the challenges of a specific region’s transportation and societal conditions of their choosing. Some teams focused on the open road while others developed ideas suited for more confined urban areas. A winner will be announced at ‘Designers Night’ on the evening prior to the opening of the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The BMW Group DesignworksUSA team developed E-Patrol (Human-Drone Pursuit Vehicle) function in continued dense traffic scenarios in future Los Angeles. The patrol vehicle can deploy three drones, one which flies and two single wheel rolling drones to stream survey information and pursue suspects.

The Volt Squad is GM’s three vehicle patrol fleet built on an advanced version of their electric drive system. Each of the vehicles is tailored to a specific task in either the air, highway, or city environments.

Honda R&D Americas
The CHP Drone Squad is built to operate on California’s highways as either  manned or un-manned vehicles. Comprised of an Auto-Drone and Moto-Drone, the former serves as a mission control vehicle while the latter becomes remotely driven motorcycles which have pursuit and rescue capabilities.

Honda Advanced Design Studio, Tokyo
The “CHiPs” 2025 Traffic Crawler is designed to be a stable vehicle for the officer to operate but have a narrow size advantage in navigating snarled highway traffic. The low stance means the rider can engage in high speed pursuit with a reduced chance of the vehicle tipping over.

Designed to be the most environmentally friendly SUV, the Ener-G-Force concept is an evolved version of the Mercedes G-Class produced since the 1970’s. The design team speculated that patrol cars in the future would need to be capable of navigating more diverse types of terrain under law enforcement conditions and disaster or environmental hazard situations.

Intended for use on Hawaii’s inter-island Paradise Highway, the SHARC (Subaru Highway Automated Response Concept) is a autonomous, zero-emission patrol vehicle. The SHARC aims to augment reduced highway patrol budgets by providing remote 3D video to officers who can control the vehicle via goggles and voice command.

Here’s a gallery of all the concept design images.

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