3D Printed IKEA-Style Lampshades Come In Various Designs [Pics]

3D Printed IKEA-Style Lampshades Come In Various Designs [Pics]

Industrial designer replaces his rice-paper shade from the Swedish retailer with bespoke ones.

Yi Chen
  • 4 december 2012

When Samuel Bernier discovered that his IKEA Regolit’s rice-paper shade had been torn, instead of purchasing a new one, he decided to replace it with his own bespoke designs. The industrial designer used a MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer to create his voluptuously shaped lampshades.

The project is called “Dentelle” which is the French word for ‘lace.’ Bernier explained that, “A lot of textile lampshades look like corsets. Women used to customize them manually and took days to complete a simple piece. The industrial revolution changed the world of textiles and automatized it more than a century ago. Today’s 3-D printing revolution changes the world of mass customization.

Bernier created 12 different designs with the same shape, but different texture and color. Each lampshade took between four to 12 hours to print, use no additional material, and costed less than $5 to print each one.

Browse through some of the designs below.


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