Viewers ‘Feel’ 3D Video

Viewers ‘Feel’ 3D Video

Developed by Solidray, the system incorporates visual and tactile feedback to enable people to experience virtual objects.

Emma Hutchings
  • 11 december 2012

Virtual reality company Solidray has developed an immersive system that enables viewers to experience objects in 3D and actually feel the actions that they carry out using these objects. For example, in a scene with flowing water, the viewer can put on their 3D glasses, hold out a cup and ‘feel’ the water filling it as the cup vibrates in time with the on-screen action. The system incorporates visual and tactile feedback and the cup’s position is mapped using an infrared camera.

A magnetic sensor in the 3D glasses measures the user’s line of sight and dynamically changes the viewpoint. The tactile element uses the TECHTILE toolkit developed by a research group at Keio University. The sound of water being poured is pre-recorded using a microphone and when the cup is positioned under the water, that sensation and sound is reproduced. Check out the video from DigInfo below:


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