Rube Goldberg Machine Defies Gravity

Rube Goldberg Machine Defies Gravity
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Toronto-based cinematography company, 2D House, uses magnets to change up the classic chain reaction.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 7 december 2012

There are countless videos of Rube Goldberg machines on YouTube. And while they may all look a little bit different, they all rely on one thing: gravity. The creative studio 2D House recently took this standard component of a Rube Goldberg machine and turned it on its head. Literally.

Aptly named Isaac Newton vs. Rube Goldberg, 2D House’s machine adds a fresh turn to the classic model with the help of magnets. Combining the scientific principles of magnets and gravity, plus a little cinematic trickery, the video of their machine in action will leave you more distorted than if you were swinging at a piñata, blindfolded. Check it out below:

Roughly mid-way through the video, the camera flips leaving you to wonder which way is up and which way is down. The magnet-based machine is able to cover-up the fact that the chain reaction, in part, works against the pull of gravity.

It would seem that the first half of the video is actually filmed upside down, based on the movement of the uncoiling nut, but this is little more than a guess. As Bill Nye would say, “Science Rules.” Which way do you think is up?


2D House

Photo by Colossal


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