Anti-Instagram App Only Lets Users Post 1 Picture A Day

Anti-Instagram App Only Lets Users Post 1 Picture A Day

PicIT24 tackles the problem of over-sharing on social applications.

Yi Chen
  • 13 december 2012

Although Instagram is a great a tool for sharing photos, it does become noisy when a particular person bombards your stream with a series of photos from the same occasion. This is where PicIT24 differentiates itself from other social-sharing photo apps. PicIT24 allows users to post only one photo a day (in a 24-hour time frame).

PicIT24 intends to “eliminate noise while only quality moments are shared.” Its sharing principle is based on quality rather than quantity, and the concept hopes that users would put more thought into what they share.

The iOS app is free to download and comes with all the features you would expect from a photo app, such as filters, social media integration, find and follow friends, and status input.



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