Services like Spotify and Instagram obliterate the need for the eco-system that Apple has used to sell its hardware.

The iPhone's dominance could be under considerable threat in 2013. Yet Apple's control of the market has certainly not diminished the insatiable determination of Samsung, and the iPad maker may find itself in a situation where the market has moved on technologically.

Since the launch of the iPhone, to set it apart from the pack, Apple has leveraged the concept of the ‘eco-system' — where a user needs to sync their iPhone regularly to keep the images, music and content current and up-to-date between their mobile device and their desktop. The rug has been pulled out from under Apple's feet however, by the cloud. People's digital behavior has rapidly changed and so has their attitude towards digital content. Think about it iPhone users: when was the last time you ‘synced' your phone to your computer — not just charged it?

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