12 Stories You Need To Know Today

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Google maps for iOS hits 10m downloads, Sweden plans commercial space flights, Instagram issues a statement addressing privacy concerns...Links to start your day with.

Andrew Vaterlaus-Staby
  • 19 december 2012


Apple request for US ban on Samsung smartphone sales rejected by judge. Guardian

@thisisseth says: Ridiculous is the new marketable. Seth Godin

How the barcode took over the world. Bloomberg Business Week

Google maps tops 10 million iOS downloads. USA Today

London considering allowing people to tweet emergencies rather than dial 999. BBC News

Morgan Stanley pays $5m fine in Facebook IPO case. Bloomberg

Instagram can now use your pictures in ads without asking for your permission. Ad Age

Apple to improve maps with Foursquare? Business Insider

Twitter monthly users surges to 200m. TechCrunch

Sweden announces plans for commercial space flights within the next 20 years. Inhabitat

An estimated $1.7 billion will go to waste in unused gift cards this year. Mashable

Instagram issues a statement addressing privacy concerns. Instagram

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