AR Lightbulb Projects Interactive Images Onto Any Desk

AR Lightbulb Projects Interactive Images Onto Any Desk

The LuminAR can turn any surface into a touchscreen using a camera, projector, and computer fitted inside the socket.

Emma Hutchings
  • 3 december 2012

LuminAR is a lightbulb that can project interactive images onto a desk, turning the surface into a touchscreen. Developed by Natan Linder at the MIT Media Lab, it combines a camera, projector, and wireless computer in a compact form factor. The self-contained system offers users projected information and a gestural user interface, and it can be screwed into any standard light fixture.

LuminAR transforms surfaces and objects into interactive spaces that blend digital media and information with the physical space. The project radically rethinks the design of traditional lighting objects, and explores how we can endow them with novel augmented-reality interfaces.

Mashable reports that LuminAR could be used as an additional display, or to capture a photo of something on your desk, which could then be emailed to a contact from the projected interface. You can check out LuminAR prototype demos in the video below:


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