The Biceberg is a unique city solution that enables users to keep their bicycle in a safe place until they want to retrieve it.

Spanish company ma-SISTEMAS developed this unique bike storage solution, which is expanding across Europe. Biceberg looks like an oversized mail shoot or MTA vending machine above ground but when users insert a card and type their personalized code, it opens up to reveal an elevator for their bike. This transports it underground to a secure parking area, until the user inserts their card again to retrieve it.

Co.Exist reports that the system is available in different sizes and can store between 23 and 92 bicycles. Users can store a bag and helmet along with their bike, and a microwave radar is used to detect any unauthorized items such as animals or fuel and prevent the Biceberg from sealing until they're removed. Watch the Spanish video below to get a good look at how the system works:

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