Pressbyran introduces a unique way to show customers just how fresh their breads are with a time stamp baked directly onto them.

Swedish convenience store chain Pressbyran creates unique bakery goods that are stamped with the date and time of when it was made. The simple baking pan etches the date of production onto the bottom of the hot buns, showing customers just how fresh they really are. The campaign, launched yesterday, is promoting the saffron buns that are only available during the Christmas holidays.

So far, Pressbyran is using six different trays for the different times of day. The brand hopes to continue to use this stamping technique with all its baked goods line in the future. Saffron buns fanatics can now see and taste the freshest hot buns at most Pressbyran in major Swedish cities. Check out the video below for Pressbyran’s Hot Stamp promo.

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