ReCycle is a line of urban bicycles featuring an innovative design that eliminates the seat tube.

ReCycle is a new line of green bikes made from 100%-recycled aluminum. There is the mBula (cruiser), Moshi Moshi (fixed gear), and Mudmaste (all-terrain). They feature an innovative design that eliminates the seat tube, unique forks, a hole in the dropout, and a belt instead of a chain, which lasts longer and doesn't need maintenance or grease. Gizmag reports that the bikes' saddles and grips are made from sustainably-grown cork.

ReCycle is currently seeking fundiung on Kickstarter to produce the made-in-USA bikes, needing 50 orders per model to create them. They are available for pledges of $2,000-2,250. Check out the video below to see them in action:

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