PSFK’s Gift Of The Day: Biodegradable Shoes

PSFK’s Gift Of The Day: Biodegradable Shoes

One Moment's 01Ms are rubber slippers that are made from an eco-friendly material.

Yi Chen
  • 20 december 2012

Spanish company One Moment has created a pair of shoes that is 100 percent biodegradable. The 01Ms is created using an injection-mold process and made from soft vegetable-based plastic. The rubber-like shoes include an anti-slip sole and are durable enough to withstand rain and dirt.

The eco-friendly material also allows the wearers to compost the shoes rather than throwing them away in the trash. The product can be shredded, thrown in a compost bin, and within six months it will be broken down leaving no traces of waste.

The shoes are super easy to care for and can be easily cleaned in the laundry, or just hosed down with water and a bit of soap. A pair of 01Ms costs 10 Euros and come in a variety of colors including lime green, pink, blue, black, and white.

One Moment

Images courtesy of Ariel Zambelich from Wired

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