Bluetooth-Powered Stickers Locate Lost Items

Bluetooth-Powered Stickers Locate Lost Items

App can find misplaced items affixed with the technology.

Robyn Hightower
  • 4 december 2012

Keys, TV remotes, cats, baby’s pacifier, and other small easily hidden items will no longer be able to conceal their whereabouts from their owners. StickNFind are tiny, lightweight BlueTooth enabled stickers that allow consumers to painlessly recover misplaced items by using their smartphones. About the size of a quarter, StickNFind stickers can be placed on devices, animals, or people, to allow them to be found by a smartphone or other smart mobile devices running the StickNFind app.

With a range of 100 feet within line of sight, the StickNFind system is perfect for finding items lost inside the home. The radar screen in the app displays all the stickered items in range. Although the radar tells the app user how far the item is, it does not tell the direction, but there are features to speed up the game of hide and seek. By tapping the stickered item on the radar screen, users can make the lost items start buzzing or flashing lights, or both, enabling the seeker to find the item more quickly. The lights and buzzing mechanism also help consumers find objects in the dark.

The app features two types of alerts: one to alert the owner that an item has come back into range, and one that let’s the owner know when an item has exceeded a certain distance from them. These alarms could be set up so that the consumer never leaves the house without their wallet. For each sticker, the owner can specify the range for the item and the type of alarm, whether it is sound, a light or the pair of sound and light. The app can identify many stickers, but the suggested maximum of stickers for an app is 20. Unfortuately StickNFind stickers are not waterproof, so you can’t use them on your golf balls, fishing poles, or diving gear.

See it in action:


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