Marc Shillum uses his idea of 'brands as patterns' to play a song using Apple's iPhone launch timeline.

Speaking at PSFK CONFERENCE SAN FRANCISCO, Marc Shillum introduced his concept of ‘brands as patterns,’ where he uses the concept of a pattern to break down the short-term strategies of a successful brand in to a definable structure. Coming from a musical perspective, Shillum sees this pattern as a sort of beat that can be best explained audibly. As part of his presentation, he breaks down the product release cycle of the Apple iPhone in to different components on a linear timeline and assigns each component a distinct sound. With a new phone released once a year, this serves as a basic frequency to which he adds the concurrent software updates, marketing campaigns, and press releases. When played through as a piece of music, what emerges is a clear musical ‘beat’ demonstrating a long term pattern to Apple’s brand strategy:

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